Li mega

Li Auto lowers annual sales target for the second time as Li Mega sales continue to disappoint

Chinese Li Auto lowers the annual sales goal for 2024 from 800,000 to just 480,000 units. What are the reasons for a 40% cut?

Li Auto slashed prices by 4,200 USD to intensify competition in China

Li Auto joins the new wave of price war in China to maintain the good sales volume.

Li Auto Mega enters Chinese market with a starting price of 77,800 USD

Li Mega launched in China with 520 kW charging power, 710 km of range and a starting price of 77,800 USD. Deliveries will start on March 11.

Li Mega’s CATL Qilin 102 kWh battery charges 10-80% in 10 minutes 36 secs [video]

You won't even have time to go to the toilet. 521.2 kW peak charging.

Li Auto Mega revealed new specs before the launch, everything you need to know about this MPV

Li Auto Mega will enter the Chinese market on March 1 with 500-kW charging capability and a price tag under 83,400 USD.

More Li Mega interior details emerge in China

More details about the Li Mega electric MPV set to launch in China on March 1.

Li Mega all-electric MPV with 710 km range and CATL Qilin 5C battery will launch on March 1 in China

Once launched, Li Mega will be the most aerodynamic MPV in the world, with a drag coefficient of 0.215Cd, according to Li Auto.

Li Auto delivered its 600,000th new car

Since this year, Li Auto’s monthly delivery volume has hit new highs, currently exceeding 40,000.

Li Auto Mega specs exposed with 102.7-kWh pack and 544 hp

Li Auto Mega is a large electric minivan with the length of 5350 mm. It will start presales in China this week with a price about 68,670 USD.