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Smart #3 Unveiled In China With 428 hp And 4WD

The Smart #3 is real in China with 428 horses, all-wheel drive, and the body length of 4.4 meters. Let's get to know it better.

NIO ET7 Electric Sedan Earns 5 Stars In Euro NCAP Safety Rating

The NIO ET7 has scored five stars in severe Euro NCAP. But its safety still has some drawbacks. Let's sort them out.

BYD Produced The 3 Millionth NEV. It Is BYD Seal

BYD has produced the 3 millionth NEV. Company has also told us about an all new brand. Let's sort it out together.

Wuling Air ev Specs Unveiled In China With 300 km Of Range

The Wuling Air ev specs unveiled in China with 300 km of range, a 50-kW electric motor, and loads of tech inside. Let's sort it out.

All New Buick LaCrosse Inspired By Wildcat Concept Car Spied in China

The all-new Buick LaCrosse spied in the wild in China with a giant solid screen, and the design language of the recent Wildcat concept.

BYD Destroyer 07 PHEV Sedan With Rotatable Screen Spied In China

The BYD Destroyer 07 is a mid-size PHEV sedan equipped with a giant floating screen. Its first spy shots have leaked online in China.

Lingbox BOX Cai Wenji Launched In China With 220-km Range For 8,000 USD

The Lingbox BOX Cai Wenji Smart electric city car with 48 horses, 220 km of range, and a price tag of 8,000 USD launched in China.

Changan Lantazhe Pickup Truck Pre-Sales Started At 14,160 USD

The Changan Lantazhe is a mid-size pickup truck with 233 horses, all-wheel drive, and a starting price of 14,160 USD. Let's get to know it better.

BYD To Reach 3 Million NEVs Production Milestone

BYD has announced an event for the 3 millionth produced NEV. It will hold it on November 16. Let's sort it out together.

Mass Production Of Hycan A06 Electric Sedan Started In China

Mass production of the Hycan A06 electric sedan started in China. This EV will soon hit the market and please buyers with 462 hp.