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Lotus Emeya starts sales in China with 675 kW at 93,750 USD

The Lotus Emeya performance sedan with up to 675 kW and 650 km of range entered China, and prepared for the European launch in H2 this year.

BYD Qin L PHEV sedan exposed with 90 km EV range

BYD Qin L follows the brand’s latest design language and equips the 5-gen PHEV DM-i system.

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P revealed in official images with over 400 kW

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P is a new plug-in hybrid sedan from Geely and Volvo. It reportedly has over 400 kW.

New Mini Cooper from BMW-GWM JV applied for sales license

The new Mini Cooper is an electric three-door hatchback available with two powertrain options. It is ready to start sales in China.

Changan’s Deepal G318 applied for sales license. Specs revealed

The Changan’s Deepal G318 is an EREV medium-to-large off-road SUV with up to 316 kW. It can tow up to 1,600 kg.

BYD Sea Lion 07 is ready for the market launch in China

The BYD Sea Lion 07 is a fastback SUV with 4WD and up to 390 kW. To hit Chinese market this year with a price range of 28,150 – 36,580 USD.

BYD’s YangWang U7 applied for the sales license with almost 1,300 hp

The YangWang U7 sedan applied for the sales license in China with four e-motors. The EQS competitor with a price of 140,000 USD.

GM’s Baojun Yep Plus revealed with five doors and 401km range

The Baojun Yep Plus was finally revealed with five doors, a 75-kW electric motors and 401 km of range. To launch in Q1 2024.

BYD to provide EVs for UEFA EURO-2024 this summer

BYD will supply EURO-2024 tournament with electric vehicles in Germany this summer. It replaced Volkswagen.

YangWang U7 from BYD undergoes winter tests in China. Specs revealed

The YangWang U7 is a 1,000-hp beast with the length of over 5.2 meter. It is larger than the Mercedes EQS.