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Neta exports 3,600 Neta V EVs to Thailand from China

It made it the largest single export in Neta's history. The company ranked second in the Thai EV market in sales in February 2023.

China had 3.41 million cars in stock in February 2023

Inventory in China's car market increased by 90,000 units compared to January. The inventory level is equivalent to 64 days of market sales.

ORA released the 2023 Funky Cat with a discount of 3,200 USD, starting at 15,600 USD

ORA Funky Cat is available in 401 km and 501 km versions.

JMC launched a new cool pickup brand Dadao. First truck has Ford engine

The Dadao is a new pickup truck from JMC, powered by the Ford's Ecoboost engine. Deliveries to start in May this year.

iCar GT electric coupe to be unveiled on April 18 in China, but not by Apple

Chery sold 232,814 electric vehicles in 2022.

BYD smartwatch with built-in car key to launch in April

The smartwatch which could replace car keys on BYD models is already being tested in China.

OPINION | NIO’s Cat named Jin

Increasingly negative sentiments about the country may hamper the sales results of China's car manufacturers in Europe.

Xpeng sold 120,757 EVs and lost 1.3 billion USD in 2022, according to the annual report

In 2022, Xpeng lost an average of 10,900 USD per vehicle sold. They announced a significant deliveries drop in Q1 2023.

“China’s first EV supercar” – Aion Hyper SSR – spotted on production line

This carbon-fibre, butterfly-door electric supercar can reach 100km/h in 1.9 seconds.

BeyonCa brand from VW ex-vice president to sell 100,000 cars in 3-5 years

BeyonCa from Volkswagen ex-vice president aims to sell 100,000 vehicles in the next 3-5 years. How will they manage it?

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