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China EV registrations in W5: BYD 43,300, Tesla 10,600, Aito 9,000, Nio 3,100

The last week before Chinese News Year was mostly down in term of sales, with several exceptions.

Tesla introduces special Chinese New Year OTA update

Tesla China has a new CNY themed OTA update

China EV registrations in W4: BYD 43,300, Tesla 12,800, Aito 8,000, Nio 3,300

The whole market was up except Deepal, GAC Aion and VW.

Tesla Cybertruck generates massive interest in China despite sales restrictions

Cybertruck tour opens to crowds yet sales reportedly impossible.

Tesla Cybertruck is set to National Tour in China from January 28

Tesla Cybertruck Off-Road Wagon China Tour will cover eight China cities.

China EV sales in W3 2024: BYD 40,400, Tesla 11,700, Zeekr 2,800, Nio 1,900

The market was mostly up or flat: BYD flat, Tesla 60% up, Zeekr 30% up and Nio 12% up. China's holidays are coming soon.

China EV sales in W2 2024: BYD 40,300, Tesla 7,400, Nio 1,700, Aito 6,800

BYD was down 9%, Tesla was up 130%, and Nio was down 43% from the week before.

Tesla lowered the prices of Model 3 and Model Y in China, but the lowered Model Y became more expensive

The overall price reduction this time is relatively small, and the purchase price of Model RD has also increased.

Tesla recalls all its 1.6 million cars in China, but it’s just OTA update

The government regulator announced today Tesla has to recall 1,617,643 vehicles, including imported Model S and Model X and domestically produced Model 3 and...

China EV sales last week of 2023: BYD 76,800, Tesla 15,800, Nio 5,700

The whole market was up WoW except Tesla in China.