BAIC launches 2nd gen BJ30 with hybrid version

Second generation BAIC Beijing BJ30 launches. Only available as ICE and hybrid. Car offers limited off-road ability.

Stelato, the premium brand backed by Huawei and BAIC, showcases its first car

Stelato aims to challenge premium brands Mercedes-Benz and BMW

New sedan from BAIC and Huawei to sell for half a million yuan

Stelato S9 an electric sedan from BAIC and Huawei to sell for half a million yuan

Foxy mover! Arcfox Alpha S5 coming soon

Arcfox Alpha S5 electric sedan should launch soon as more details emerge.

Want a pig nosed EV camper van?

BAW EV camper van from China with a pig nose has 90 kW electric motor and raisable tent.

BAIC launched additional Arcfox Alpha S & Alpha T variants

Forest Edition Pro models added to BAIC's Arcfox αS & Arcfox αT

Huawei & BAIC baked Stelato X4 spotted. 42,250-USD sedan for China

Stelato X4 is a mid-size electric sedan developed jointly by Huawei and BAIC. It will enter the Chinese market in Q1 2024.

Huawei-BAIC’s STELATO brand will release an all-electric sedan in 2024

The new car will be unveiled in the first half of 2024 in the 42,000 - 56,000 USD price range.

BAIC’s ArcFox Alpha T5 all-electric SUV with CATL battery and 660 km range launched, price starts at 21,800 USD

All models come in two-wheel drive with two cruising ranges of 520 km or 660 km, and a drag coefficient of 0.245Cd.