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China became the world’s largest vehicle exporter in Q1 2023, surpassing Japan

By continents, Chinese vehicles are mainly exported to: - Africa: Egypt and South Africa - Asia: Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam - Europe: Russia and the UK - North America: USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean - South America: Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador

MG Cyberster EV roadster with 544 hp is ready for China

The MG Cyberster was exposed in China. It is bigger than the Porshce Cayman and has more horses.

MG7 sedan launched in China with 261 hp. Starting from 17,400 USD

The MG7 launched in China with decent styling and price. But even its top-trim level hasn't got all the features. To get them, you should pay extra.

Rising Auto F7 from SAIC launched in China with swappable batteries. Starts at 30,500 USD

The Rising F7 got up to 544 hp, 666 km of range and a 0,206-Cd drag coefficient.

Rising Auto F7 Is A 544 HP Electric Sedan In China

Five meters of car with 544 hp and 700 Nm.

Volkswagen Chairman: China is our most important market

In 2022, Volkswagen Group delivered over 3.18 million vehicles in China.

China Exported More Than 3 Million Vehicles In 2022, 54.4% YoY Increase

China is now the world's second-largest car exporter.

IM LS7 Electric SUV Seen On The Road In China

A four-wheel drive SUV with 578 hp for less than $52.000.

SAIC’s Roewe RX9 SUV Will Hit Chinese Market In Feb 2023

The RX9 is a new flagship SUV under the SAIC's Roewe brand. It will hit the Chinese market in Feb 2023 with triple screen and AWD.