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FAW’s Hongqi to adopt Hesai ET25 LiDAR sensor in 2025. It will sit behind windshield

Hesai ET25 LiDAR can sit behind the windshield and has a detection rate of 225 meters. Hongqi cars will adopt it in 2025.

Audi e-tron sold at half price to FAW-Audi employees, Audi no response yet

FAW-Audi clearing inventories as locally made e-tron will reportedly stop production.

FAW Bestune Xiaoma to start pre-sales this month, starting price from 4,100 USD

First Auto Works' Bestune brand will start pre-sales of its small electric sedan, Xiaoma this month.

China EV Daily (Aug 31): FAW announces leadership changes, Tesla Model 3’s new version to launch, BYD Tang lineup hits the market

FAW announces new chairman, Tesla preps radar-free Model 3 for launch, BYD Tang lineup gets new models.

FAW Bestune Xiaoma mini EV is ready for the Chinese market

The FAW Bestune Xiaoma has a 27-hp electric motor and an LFP battery. It also has a front camera, in case you need one.

FAW-BYD first battery pack rolled off the production line in China

The mass production of the FAW-BYD battery packs will start in September. The planned annual capacity is 45 GWh, good for 1 million EVs per year.

FAW’s Hongqi S9 sports car showed up at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy

The Hongqi S9 was rumored to be terminated. But it has suddenly shown up at the Italian event. However, it is still far from finished.

Hongqi E001 EV sedan with swappable battery and 800-km range spied in China

The Hongqi E001 has 619 hp, 800 km of range and a swappable battery. It will launch in China in November and later, it will enter Europe.

Hongqi QM7 is a luxurious bus with 23 seats and a V6 under the hood

The Hongqi QM7 luxury bus was spied in China. Spies were lucky enough to shoot its interior.

FAW’s Hogqi H5 received a B rating from China Consumer Research and Testing Center

The Hongqi H5 has barely made it to get the grade B from the CCRT. Where did it fail?