China EV Daily (July 31): Geely’s AI advancements, Leapmotor price cut, Porsche’s potential China investment

Geely announces AI advancements, Aston Martin appoints Geely CEO to board, Leapmotor hints at price cut and overseas collaboration, Porsche eyes $3.3 billion investment in China.

The main misconception about the CLTC range

Some Chinese EVs have amazingly long ranges according to the CLTC test cycle. An explanation why this is not necessarily wrong.

Leap C11 EREV Launched In China With 1024km Comprehensive Range

Presale starts at $23,560, and the SUV has a pure electric range of 285 km and a fuel consumption of 6.8 litres/100 km.

Leap C11 EREV Will Launch On February 9 In China With a 1024km Comprehensive Range

The comprehensive range will be as high as 1024 km and the CLTC range of only electric power will be 285 km.

Leap C11 EREV Is A New Long-range SUV For China

Range extender version of the C11 with +800 km range.

Leapmotor C01 Amassed More Than 100,000 Reservations, Price Starts At 26,800 USD

On September 21, Leapmotor announced that its flagship sedan, Leapmotor C01, had amassed more than 100,000 reservations. It is important to note that customers...

Leapmotor Announces 100,000th Production Vehicle After Three Years

Leapmotor has produced its 100,000th car. Chairman and Founder of Leapmotor, Zhu Jiangming made this revelation in an open letter dated 28th June 2022....

Leap Motor C11 EREV spotted at gas station

The Leap Motor C11 Extended Range (EREV) is the upcoming hybrid alternate to last year's C11 EV, a medium sized electric SUV. EREV means...

Leapmotor C01 Launched with 550 HP and 90kWh Battery. Starts at 26,770 USD

The flagship sedan by the Chinese EV maker Leapmotor, the C01, has been unveiled for the Chinese maker. It comes at a very competitive...

Leapmotor to begin pre-sale of C01 on May 10th, latest images of the EV surface.

Chinese automotive industry news sources report that the Leap C01 will enter the pre-sale phase on May 10th. This was reported on May 5th...