Lynk & Co

Does China’s most powerful performance car get an extra +?

China's most powerful performance car begins deliveries in time for Chinese New Year.

SEA-based Lynk & Co 02 BEV for Europe spotted in China

The Lynk & Co 02 BEV will enter Europe in 2024 as a fastback crossover based on the SEA2 platform that underpins Smart #1 and Zeekr X.

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P PHEV sedan exposed with 102 km of electric range

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P is a sedan the size of Toyota Camry from Geely and Volvo. It will start mass-production in China this month.

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P revealed in official images with over 400 kW

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P is a new plug-in hybrid sedan from Geely and Volvo. It reportedly has over 400 kW.

2024 Lynk & Co 09 EM-P SUV with 1430 km range launched, price starts at 42,800 USD

The new Lynk & Co 09 EM-P plug-in hybrid SUV is available in 6- and 7-seaters.

Lynk & Co 09 EM-P 2024 addition hits market next week

The 2024 edition of the Lynk & Co 09 EM-P is coming next week with an improved powertrain for 408 kW and a 190-km electric range.

Geely sold 1.68 million vehicles in 2023, up 18%

In 2024, Geely has a sales target of 1.9 million vehicles.

Lynk & Co 07 EM-P is new PHEV sedan from Geely and Volvo

The Lynk & Co 07 EM-P will hit the Chinese market in 2024 with over 500 hp and a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Lynk & Co 06 EM-P with first China-made chip enters market at 18,700 USD

Lynk & Co 06 EM-P features Geely's self-developed Dragon Eagle-1 automotive-grade 7nm chip, and offers a 1,280 km comprehensive range.

Lynk & Co 06 EM-P SUV with 1,200 km range starts pre-sale in China

Its top speed is 178 km/h, and comes with a 126 km pure electric range or 1,200 km comprehensive range.