Volvo working on stretched S60 for Chinese car market

May 16, 2012 by Joey Wang

Volvo S60L China

Volvo is working on a stretched S60 that will debut at the Chinese market sometime next year. The S60L will compete with cars such as the Audi A4L and the BMW 3Li. The Volvo S80L, a China-only stretched S80, is made locally at the Chang’an-Volvo joint venture. Read more »


Volvo S60 T4 to come to China

June 23, 2011 by W.E. Ning

Volvo will bring the cheap ‘n sporty S60 T4 to the Chinese market. The T4 comes with a turbocharged 1.6 with 180hp. Volvo already sells S60 T6 in China. All S60’s are imported but we heard vague rumors about production in China. Not in a new factory from new owner Geely but by the old Chang’an-Volvo joint venture from the days Ford still owned Volvo. The joint venture also makes the S80L and S40. Via: 163.com.


New Volvo S60 seen Testing in China

September 27, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

Volvo’s new owner Geely wants more Volvo’s in China and quick. The new Volvo S60 was seen testing on Chinese roads, likely for adjusting the suspension. The S60 will hit the market early next year, as an import first but local production seems certain. Question is: where?

The Volvo S40 and S80 are made in China by Chang’an Auto, that joint venture was set up by Volvo’s old owner Ford. Ford’s share is now in Geely’s hands, but for how long would Geely like to work with a competitor?

For now, they have too, since Geely doesn’t have a factory to make Volvo’s. Geely announced it will make a Volvo factory near Shanghai but it will take at least two years to finish.

Until then Geely will sell the S60 as an import and continue, reluctantly I guess, making the S40 and S80 with Chang’an.