Brilliance-BMW Goes Big with 535Li

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Brilliance-BMW will start building the new 5 in China soon. And as Benz did only last week, BMW makes one special for China. Real Chinese men like to be driven. The 535Li is 14 centimetre longer than the standard car, all that space is for the passengers in the back. To emphasize the long-car’s Chineseness BMW came up with some very louzy photoshops:

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That’s even crap by North Korean standards. Bad, BMW!

The long five will get the 2.8 litre engine as well. No word on price yet, but likely from around 450.000 rmb. The Li will debut at the Beijing Auto Show next month.

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A real Chinese man.

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  1. I know this is a random question but are the locally manufactured BMW’s up to par with their European counterparts? I’m not attacking Chinese quality, I’m just curious if BMW cuts corners for the Chinese market or they follow the same formula with their joint ventures. It’s sort of how like the 3 Series is manufactured in South Africa at South African labour prices but they charge the consumer German prices.

    • Hello Molotov,

      It is improving, fast. The previous China-made Audi A6 was not at all on par with the previous German-made A6 due to a crappy workforce and crappy locally sourced parts. The current China-made A6 is almost as good as the current German-made A6. I would say: 90% as good.

      Chinese factories have much improved and so have Chinese parts. BMW came a bit later to the Chinese game so I guess it ain’t 90% there, maybe 70-80%. I don’t think BMW is cutting corners. Chinese customers of today know what good/bad quality is and won’t be satisfied with a car that is worse than it’s counterpart in the west. So BMW is likely working hard to reach the same level as Audi, same story for MB and Volvo.



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