Beijing Auto Show Live: Dongfeng I-Car Concept

Published on April 24, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

A nice concept from Dongfeng. And it was about time the boys from Wuhan got a little creative, their line up including the joint venture machines is rather boring. This one might change that, a bit. The I-Car, guess what, is a plug-in electric. Size: 2999x1670x1540. ‘2999’ has to do with a Chinese tax-law, cars under 3 meter pay less. The range of the I-Car is 60 kilometer. That is all the info Dongfeng wished to share. No plans for production in the near future.

Those lights in the wheels look very nice indeed, but leaving them on for too long might reduce the range.

Big lights again. Maybe we one day will see a small Dongfeng with lines like the I-Car, now that would be nice.

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