Beijing Auto Tells Price and Date for New 007 and B40

Beijing Auto brought a lot of new cars to the Beijing Auto Show. One of those the B40 which originally debuted at the Beijing Auto Show in 2008. Two years later the B40 looked ready for production but apparently was not.

Its introduction date is postponed to the first half of 2011, exact date unknown but it certainly won’t be available until the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show (April 20-28). Price for the B40 will range from 100.000 to 150.000 rmb. Engine is the ancient 2.4 with 105kw and 217nm

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Roewe SUV on the market Before the End of the Year (?)

“Insiders” from SAIC told Chinese website that the Roewe SUV finished its “cold weather testing” and that it would be on the market before the end of the year. The SUV is based on the SsangYong Kyron, SIAC has a controlling stake in South Korean SsangYong. Earlier spy shots showed the SUV wearing the name ‘W5’, the insider however, did not confirm that one.

Spy Shots: Guangzhou Auto Trumpche NAKED

Guanzhou Auto confirmed that production of the Trumpche will start at September 28. It is based on an old Alfa 166 platform and powered by an Alfa/Fiat 2.0 Twinspark engine. Guangzhou Auto is working on other engines, including a 1.6, a 2.4 and a 2.4 diesel. At launch however, it will be the Twinspark alone.

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Jaguar Land Rover to assemble cars in China; but how soon?

BBC reports that Jaguar wants to start assembling cars in China within two years. Sound like a good plan, Chinese people buy expensive cars faster than anyone can make them. But there is a small problem, chief executive Carl Foster for BBC:

“We’ll take one to two years to set it up, but first we will need a partner.”

Mr. Foster is right, Jag can’t start making vehicles in China without a local partner, except when the vehicles are for export only. Understanding the man correctly Jaguar has no partner yet. Finding one can be a painful and slow process involving multiple permissions by China’s local and central governments. Second step is building a factory. Third step to get the cars out on the market. One year seems a very short time to do all that, two too.

Partner needs to be one with at least some know how about making luxury vehicles. That leaves SAIC, FAW and Chang’an. Last one might be interesting. Chang’an makes the Volvo S80 and S40 under a joint venture with Ford. Ford sold Volvo to Geely so production of the Volvo’s by Chang’an will likely end. Volvo is Geely’s now and the lucky new owner wants to build a new factory for making Volvo’s in China. That leaves Chang’an with a lot of empty space…

Read on for BBC’s article:

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More Details on the Sebring-based Beijing Auto BE701EV

Earlier this month I wrote an article on the Beijing Auto BE701 but details were scarce. Today I saw the car at the Beijing International High Tech Exhibtion and found out a bit more. The BE701 is based on a Chrysler Sebring. The Sebring was made in China by a joint venture between Beijing Auto and Chrysler, that jv is now dead. Plan was to make the a couple of thousand BE701 ‘s for a pilot electric-taxi project in Beijing. But now the jv is gone, it loox like that plan is gone too. So likely this BE7101 will be a one-off for ever.

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New Car from China: Greenwheel EV Jummer

This is the new ‘Jummer’, an electric vehicle from a company called Greenwheel EV from the city of Shenzhen in China. I saw it today at the Beijing International High Tech Exhibition. Design is insipred by a certain American machine but much cleaner indeed.

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New Sedan from Lifan

Lifan is working on a new mid-size sedan that has to move the brand up market. The yet nameless car will debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2010 (21-27 December). The drawings, that are said to show the real thing, reveal a sporty looking machine with some Nissan GTR up front. All else we know now is the wheelbase: “more than” 2730cm.

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Greatwall Jiayu goes Cross

The Greatwall Jiayu is a very sensible MPV with a normal 2.0 for around 100.000 rmb. But that ain’t good enough in China today, so the Jiuyu doesn’t sell very well. I haven’t seen a single one here in Beijing, the Jiayu hit la market in ’08 so something is indeed wrong. Greatwall thinks it got the solution: a Jiayu Cross.

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Spy Shots: Beijing Auto B60 / Saab 9-3 hits the Beijing Roads

A Beijing Auto B60 was seen riding around the BAW factories in Beijing. But this time BAW didn’t even bother to hide any Saab-origins, as they did a bit on the Beijing Auto Show when the B60 debuted. This is due to la fact that the car on the pics ain’t no China-made car at all, the factory isn’t ready yet, it is a real Saab from Sweden. BAW is likely road testing the 9-3 for adjustments needed for Chinese roads.

Beijing Auto might start selling some rebadged Swedish Saabs as B60’s before the China-made-B60 starts rolling of the line. These will be more expensive but Beijing Auto can keep attention up. The factory is expected to be ready in a year.

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