Spy Shots: new Buick GL8

Published on May 28, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

The new Shanghai-GM Buick GL8 was expected to debut at the Beijing Auto Show but didn’t make it. Instead GM brought the Business Concept, which debuted one year earlier in Shanghai. That is a nice looking machine and good good, the new GL8 loox a lot like it.

Business Concept at the Beijing Auto Show. The new GL8 will be bigger than the old one, size: 5278x1985x1809, wheelbase: 3198. The old car:
5100x1847x1729, wheelbase: 3079. The Business Concept:
5278x1985x1809, wheelbase: 3198.

The new GL8 will get an updated version of the 2.4 and 3.0 SIDI V6’s, Business Concept had a 2.4. Both engines come with a 6-speed auto.

Dash all new, loox a lot more expensive compared to the old car. Bit messy with chrome and wood, but Chinese customers like, so GM just does it. Not sure when the new GL8 will hit la market but considering the car on the spy shots seems very ready it won’t very take long.

Business Concept.

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