Zotye 5008 EV on Sale in Guangzhou

The Zotye 5008 full electric suv went on sale in the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. Guangzhou recently launched an ambitious program to become greener and cleaner, one of the ways the city does that is by giving out subsidies for electric cars.

The 5008 costs 210.000 yuan from the factory, after subsidy from the central government 150.000 yuan and Guangzhou’s subsidy makes it only 108.000 yuan for the customer. Guangzhou is also rolling out more EV charging stations around town to keep the electrics riding. Furthermore, the city introduced a lease-program for EV’s under which users can charge for free.

Expect more automakers to send their EV’s to Guangzhou soon…

Dongfeng-Liuzhou working on Hybrid SUV

Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company is a subsidiary  of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation. It produces the Joyear, Fengxing MPV’s, trucks and will soon debut an old-style suv. Car on pics is a new style hybrid suv that will debut somewhere next year.

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BYD M6 Listed, with help from Buffet and Gates

BYD-shareholder Warren Buffet and his buddy Bill Gates are still in China. They’ve been busy checking out BYD factories and telling Chinese rich people about giving away money to poor people. They also helped to launch the BYD M6. The Previa-copy debuted at the Beijing Auto Show and has now hit the Chinese market.

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Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway will Not Reduce Stake in BYD

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates visit BYD in China

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates Visited two BYD plants in Guangdong province, one in Huizhou and one in Shenzhen. Buffet denied rumors he wanted to sell his 10% share in the battery, auto and busmaker. Gates presence might indicate another American billionaire wants a stake in BYD…

Buffet attended a BYD-dealer event today and will visit BYD’s electric bus factory on Thursday. Since last week’s announcement of Buffet’s visit BYD’s shares on the Hongkong stock exchange have gone up 20%. Buffet should come more often.  More on the story from Xinhua:

“SHENZHEN, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) — Billionaire investor Warren Buffett reaffirmed his support in Chinese electric carmaker BYD Auto here Monday after media reports suggested he might reduce his stake in the company.

“BYD is the right choice for me,” he said while speaking to nearly a thousand BYD car dealers at the dealers annual meeting in China’s boom town of Shenzhen. Buffett described the company as “a young and promising company experiencing dynamic growth” and “a leader in innovation and technology”.

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Beijing Auto C30 to be Listed early next year

Beijing Auto C30 listed next year

The Beijing Auto (BeiQi in Chinese) will be listed early next year. The Benz B-class inspired car will get an 1.5 litre engine from Hyundai. Beijing Auto has joint ventures with both Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai, it so picked the ‘best bits’ and put ‘m together into the C30. The pic above migh be the first official, it loox too good for an amateur photoshop and shows Beijing’s (the city) iconic Bird’s Nest olympic stadium on the background.

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Hongqi HQE to be Listed next year

New Hongqi Red Flag HQE

Yes they Will! We got confirmed that FAW will list the Hongqi (Red Flag) HQE limosine in the second half of next year. Price starts around 3 million yuan. The HQE is over 6 meter long and has a 6 liter V12 with 300kw and 550nm, mated to a 6-speed automatic. The HQE is aimed at rich Chinese individuals who want a car from China instead of Germany. (The Americans yet don’t count, at all.)

Jiangling Yuesheng SUV to Roll Off the Line in October

JMC Yusheng starts production in October

It looks like production of JMC’s huge Yucheng SUV will finally start, latest is that the 4.8 meter long machine will roll off the line from October 18. Price will range from 100.000 yuan to 150.000. Engines: a 2.4 Mitsubishi petrol 4-cilinder and a Ford Duratec 2.4 diesel. A pick-up version will follow soon after launch of the suv. A lot of car for little money, just don’t expect too much on quality and speed…

BYD makes Full Electric Bus

BYD full electric bus

BYD made a full electric bus, called the K9. It starts rolling of the line on September 30. Next year BYD wants to produce 3000 K9’s. Range varies from 200 km to 300, depending on use. In the city with a lot of stops an breaking it will likely be empty earlier then on a long intercity highway. At this point this is all we know about the K9, more as we get it.

MG3 Naked Again, in a boring color

New MG3 in China

After seeing loads of camouflaged MG3’s in funkt colors it is almost a relieve to see a brownish car for once. Bad color doesn’t kill the design meaning its lines are strong. Apart from the 108hp 1.5 a smaller and cheaper 1.3 will be available as well, no numbers on power for that one yet.

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New Volvo S60 seen Testing in China

Volvo’s new owner Geely wants more Volvo’s in China and quick. The new Volvo S60 was seen testing on Chinese roads, likely for adjusting the suspension. The S60 will hit the market early next year, as an import first but local production seems certain. Question is: where?

The Volvo S40 and S80 are made in China by Chang’an Auto, that joint venture was set up by Volvo’s old owner Ford. Ford’s share is now in Geely’s hands, but for how long would Geely like to work with a competitor?

For now, they have too, since Geely doesn’t have a factory to make Volvo’s. Geely announced it will make a Volvo factory near Shanghai but it will take at least two years to finish.

Until then Geely will sell the S60 as an import and continue, reluctantly I guess, making the S40 and S80 with Chang’an.