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Geely Catamaran Concept

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A facinating concept drawn up by the Geely Insitute based on an idea by Geely chairman Li Shufu himself. Work on the Catamaran Concept started 3 years ago and the design is ready today. There is however, no real car yet. The Catamaran is all about  ‘mobility’: the machine consist of two motorbike-like modules that can be disconnected. In basic form it is a car with four wheels that seats four with the steering wheel on the left.

Geely Catamaran Concept

But there is another steering wheel on the right that only comes in action after the modules are disconnected, leaving two seperate motorbikes-modules that seat two persons each. Power comes from two electric motors that automatically work together when the modules are connected and seperately when they are disconnected. Each module has its own suspension-system.

Geely Catamaran Concept

The modules are connected by what loox like a rail-based system, see pic below. It seems the black part in the middle (see above) needs to be left in a garage after disconnecting. This seriously limits the usability, and so mobility, of the Catamaran.

The roof-contruction also needs some work after disconnecting, unless the construction is made of rubber it might take some time. Looking at the pic on top, it seems actually more than two modules can be connected, the possibilities indeed are endless.

Geely Catamaran Concept

A very cool motorbike, maybe scooter a better word. Passengers safe from wind but not from rain. Might be difficult to get in and out since there are no doors. Hopefully Geely can work these things out when they are actually going to build a working prototype.

Geely Catamaran Concept

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