Spy Shot: Volkswagen Golf R testing in China

Published on March 10, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

The Golf R was seen testing in China. It will make its Chinese debut on the Shanghai Auto Show in April and race to the market soon thereafter. It will be an import, the ‘import’-stamp means VW can ask much more money for it. Funny example of that one: the Magotan, called Passat in Eruope.

FAW-VW makes the Magotan in China. But!, VW also imports the Magotan directly from the German factory. So they sell a locally made Magotan and an imported Magotan right next to eachother at the very same time.The imported car costs at least 4000 euro more, but when it comes to the topspec versions the Chinese buyers actually prefer the imported car. Funny market it is.

The Golf R comes with 4-wheel drive and a hot 4-cilinder engine with 270hp and 258nm.

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