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Shanghai Auto Show: Chery-Riich Z5 Coupe

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Chery has been pregnant with this baby since 2007, now it is finally out Chery must feel relieved indeed. But the best thing is, it loox almost the same as the 2007 concept and still loox very good. That is the power of a true design masterpiece. Engine: 2.0 liter turbocharged engine with 125kw and 235nm mated to a six-speed auto. A V6 will join the line up later. The Riich Z5 will hit the Chinese market within months.

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  1. very nice car, i have been checking this car out since 2007, but i don’t think it is gonna be a great hit with the Chinese market though, meanly it is too fancy and kinda unpractical, me as a young bachelor love it very much but not sure about other segment of the market like people with kids or bushiness people, unless they make a four door version. May be it is designed for the stateside. Nice website by the way.

  2. A 2007 design hits the market in 2011 !! Sad – although the car are nice it was modern in 2007 – 2009 only. This isn’t good enough. Look at all european, korean and japanese competitiors!


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