New GM Pickup Truck for China

GM launched a new compact pickup truck for the Chinese market. The ‘Kuncheng’ is made in a joint venture with FAW and uses the FAW-name. The Kuncheng, best translated as ‘Earth Journey’ will hit the market in July, price will start around 70.000 yuan.

Size: 5070x1740x1720, wheelbase is 3025, weight (unloaded) is 1480kg. Engine: 2.2 from Chinese engine maker Xin’guang Huachen with 76kw and 193nm, mated to a 5-speed manual. A 2.4 diesel will also be available. The 2.2 is a well known engine in the Chinese cheap pickup and suv market, many other small brands such as Zhongxin Jinbei use it as well. It is so clearly not a GM engine.

One thought on “New GM Pickup Truck for China”

  1. What is your take as to why the engine is not a GM or GM derived motor? It would be more pricey and maybe have to pay royalties to GM but wouldn’t that make the truck ‘different’ and that being a sales point?

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