Mazda 3 ‘Classic’ listed & priced in China

Published on October 26, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

The new Mazda 3 was launched at the Chengdu Auto Show back in September. The old Mazda 3 however will continue as Mazda 3 ‘Classic’ for a much lower price, it  got a small facelift to celebrate its survival.

The new Mazda 3 starts at 112.800 yuan and ends at 153.800 yuan. The classic starts at 96.800 yuan and ends at 112.800 yuan. That indeed, is much cheaper than the old 3 ever was. Platforms just live forever in China. Only engine is the 1.6 with 79kw. The Mazda 3’s are made in China by the Chang’an-Mazda joint venture.

Current old Mazda 3.

Via: Sohu.com.

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