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Spy Shots: new BMW 1-series testing in China

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The new BMW 1-series will debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of this month. The new 1 will be imported just like the outgoing car, distribution goes via the Brilliance-BMW dealer network. Price will start around 280.000 yuan.

And with that high price lies a big problem. The Chinese market isn’t really into the ‘premium small car-thing’ yet, except when it comes to very cool vehicles like the Mini and Beetle. For the 1-series, Chinese car buyers just see a very expensive small car. The outgoing car never sold in any big numbers. BMW is considering local production to get the price down but no decision has been made yet.

Via: Autohome.

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  1. Overseas we compare the 1 series to a high level golf, so will local production bring the price down enough.. I would consider one around the 180,000 mark..

  2. @ Steve.

    When made in China the price will go down around 20%-30%, depending on size of the car, engine capacity and more. Let’s say 25%, that’ll still be 210.000 yuan.



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