Dongfeng and Volvo truck plan China joint venture, Dongfeng to make Infiniti cars

Published on December 12, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

Here we have an interesting look into making deals in China. Dongfeng and Volvo (the truck maker) plan a joint venture to make Volvo trucks for the Chinese market. But Dongfeng already has a joint venture with Nissan which makes medium-to-heavy duty trucks that are sold under the Dongfeng-name.


Volvo doesn’t like the Dongfeng-Nissan trucks and Nissan doesn’t like the Dongfeng-Volvo plans. According to an article from ChinaDaily Dongfeng and Nissan made a deal: Nissan will back out of the truck-joint venture and in turn Dongfeng agrees to make Infiniti’s for the Chinese market under the Dongfeng-Nissan car-joint venture.

Everybody happy. Dongfeng and Volvo van start making trucks and Nissan can finally start making Infiniti’s, when production will start however ain’t sure yet.

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