Zotye Z300, another Clone from China

Published on December 14, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

Zotye Z300

Zotye joins the cloning game in China with this new Z300 sedan. It is an almost exact copy of the JDM Toyota Allion. A big step back for Zotye, until now they mostly made rebadged Fiats and Daihatsu’s under license. Not good, but at least they paid for it. The Z300 however is just a plain Chinese clone. Horrible!, bad Zotye.

Toyota Allion.

Zotye Z300

The new Zotye Z300 sedan will be listed on the China car market on December 18, price will start around 80.000 yuan. Size: 4565x1766x1493, wheelbase is 2700. Engine: Mitsubishi sourced 1.5 with 113hp and 147nm, mated to a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.

Zotye Z300

Toyota Allion.

Zotye Z300

Dash a kinda curious mix between plastic, wood and chrome.

Zotye Z300

Well, let’s hope this madness ends one day. Fortunately Chinese car buyers are getting better informed these days and don’t like to buy clones as much as they did before. Just ask BYD.

[Thanks to commenters Ricardo and LaurentG for waking me up here!]

Pics via: Autohome.


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  1. peter-c- December 15, 2011 Reply

    bad Zotye indeed, the brand will go to hell with cars like this.

  2. LaurentG- December 15, 2011 Reply

    My pleasure Tycho! Love your blog and hope it stays as well documented as it is for a long time! But I really thought you were ironic in the previous article ­čÖé

  3. LaurentG- December 15, 2011 Reply

    (Plus Citro├źn C4/DS4 wheel ­čÖé )

  4. viktor- October 23, 2014 Reply

    Zotye Z300 –> Clone!!! Toyota Allion!!!

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