Old Pic: Chairman Mao and a Dragon tractor

Chairman Mao and a Dragon tractor

June 20, 1958. Chairman Mao inspects one of China’s first self-made tractors in the Zhongnanhai government compound in Beijing. The tractor was simply named ‘Dragon’ and made by the ‘147 Machinery Production Plant’, also know by its pre-communist name ‘Hebei Yan Xing Machinery Company’ from in the great city of Yanxing in Heibei Province.

One on the field, note the woman driving, man watching. This was typical for the Mao-era, Mao believed in absolute equality between man and woman. This is still visible today with many women working as a bus or train driver.

Hebei Yanxing, its old name came back in the late 1980’s, still exist today but they make no tractors anymore, it is now part of weaponmaker Norinco and produces all sorts of machinery for drilling oil and some odd modified buses.

Via: rmbg80.

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Do you have anything on those sub-Hongqi size cars from the late 50s and early 60s? Peace, Shanghai et al?


Looks like my brother’s ole Ford Ferguson tractor, a real work horse. Couldn’t kill them.


According to your first photo a copy of the FERGUSON TE20 tractor has been manufuctured in 1958 in the Chinese factory HEBEI YAN KING.
Could you tell more about this because it is not recorded into the archives of the company Massey-Ferguson.
Waiting for more infos about this subject.