History: the FAW Jiefang CA6410 mini-MPV

Published on February 21, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

FAW Jiefang CA6410 mini-MPV

Here we have a brilliant and extremely rare car from China. This is the FAW Jiefang CA6410, made from 1995 to 1997 by the FAW-Jilin Light-Truck Factory, a subsidiary of FAW (First Auto Works). The CA6410 had a very streamlined design and was seen as a sort of mini-MPV.

FAW Jiefang CA6410 mini-MPV

The CA6410 stood on a completely new constructed platform, loosely based on components from the platform of the FAW-Jilin JL 6440 minivan, which was a licensed copy of the Suzuki Carry. The body design was a completely new as well and drawn by FAW-Jilin. Interestingly, the CA6410 has only three doors, there isn’t any sliding door on either side. Normally vans of this size will have one, I guess that was too much to engineer…

FAW Jiefang CA6410 mini-MPV

Jilin CA6440.

FAW-Jilin had been making Suzuki minivans since 1980 when the company was established as ‘Jilin Light-Truck Factory’. When FAW took over in 1985 the name became the FAW-Jilin Light-Truck Factory’,  in 2005 the name changed again to a much simpler ‘FAW-Jilin‘.

FAW Jiefang CA6410 mini-MPV

Power came from a China-made Suzuki 3-cylinder, 0.8 liter and 37hp, that also powered the Suzuki Alto. How many FAW-Jilin Jiefang CA6410’s were made is very unsure. It wasn’t a big sales hit at all, van-buyers found it weird-looking and that door-layout certainly didn’t help. Some estimate the total production at less than 1000.

FAW Jiefang CA6410 mini-MPV

3 rows of seats.

FAW Jiefang CA6410 mini-MPV

Great design, great car, sadly a failure, but we will remember her.

All pics in this article were taken in 1996 and 1997 by the Great Automotive Explorer Erik from ChineseCars.net. Additional info via: baike, car-cat, wikia.


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    This the result of washing and tumble drying your Toyota Previa too many times!!

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    i can’t guess what the model
    is this

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