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Spy Shots: Tianjin-Xiali N3 sedan & hatchback in China

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After the earlier spy shots today finally the first pics of the facelifted Tianjin Xiali N3. The N3 is one of the oldest car on the Chinese market, going back all the way to 1995 when production of the Xiali-branded Daihatsu Charade started in Tianjin. By the time it was simply called ‘Xiali’ but there are more Xiali’s now, the original has been renamed Xiali N3 and this is the newest version.

Tianjin-Xiali N3

Xiali is a brand of Tianjin Automobile which is a subsidiary of First Auto Works (FAW). The full name of this machine of this machine is therefore Tianjin-FAW Xiali N3.

Price of the current car starts at 24.800 yuan and ends at 48.000 yuan, making it one of the cheapest cars on sale on the China car market. There are two engines: a 1.0 with 48kw and 89nm and a 1.4 with 63kw and 110nm, both mated to a 5-speed manual. Price for the new car will be about the same, good old engines will continue.

Tianjin-Xiali N3

New Xiali N3 sedan. The Xiali’s are still very poplar in the countryside and in second and lower tier cities. In the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai the Xiali’s is extremely rare these days. Beijing used to have a zillion Xiali taxi’s but those were all scrapped before the 2008 Olympics.

Tianjin-Xiali N3

Via: Sohu.com.

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  1. Ha, just looking at the pictues I thought that was going to be a history article… Still, the Xiali is pretty reliable, easy to fix and cheap to maintain. China’s model T!

  2. N3: national, new, and nice. Minor tweaks to front and rear, keep the costs down so this model can hang on to its place among the top ten.
    “Xiali”, a household name indeed.
    But the irony is that donor Daihatsu is now no longer anywhere to be seen in China……


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