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How to get the Girl to marry you? In China we say: give her an Infiniti

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A fine you man from the great city of Lanzhou in Gansu Province wanted to ask his beautiful girlfriend (with strange hat) to marry him, but he wasn’t very sure she would say yes.

To help her make the right decision he went on his knees in public and asked the question, while at the same time offering her an Infiniti M as a bribe free gift. The great young man also hired some dancers and a Micky Mouse suit to spice things up even more…

Chinese Marriage with an Infiniti

Dancers do their thing, attracting a large crowd. Chinese people love strange things happening on the streets, they will come and see what’s happening, for hours if necessary.

Chinese Marriage with an Infiniti

With his head on, showing her the car. Sure she needed to take a look inside before deciding, what indeed if she didn’t like the color? The Infiniti M-series is imported into China, price starts at 498.000 yuan. This girl does not come cheap.

Chinese Marriage with an Infiniti

Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. The girl said yes. We say: good luck you little lovebirds, careful now with that pretty car!

Via: Huanqiu.

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