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Ferrari opens three-year exhibition in Shanghai, China

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A big, new, long-term display of Ferraris in China is the Italian automaker’s first such exhibition outside Italy — but the Chinese are calling it “The Ferrari Myth,” as if they don’t believe the brand’s legendary go-fast exploits.

Judging by the fractured English of the statement announcing the three-year car show, it could be a translation problem. Perhaps they meant to say “mystique.” Or maybe “myth” is a reference to “legend.”

By whatever name, the Ferrari showcase opened in Shanghai today. It’s to be updated during its three-year run to keep current. Why? Because China’s becoming a strong market for the brand, which is owned by Fiat.

The statement from Ferrari Greater China in Shanghai says that in addition to historic and modern versions of the famous sports cars, the exhibit includes “a focus on also the challenge of reducing fuel consumption and emissions.”

Honorable, of course, but are those the attributes people really want to see when they turn out for a Ferrari showcase?

It must ring true to the Italian Prancing Horse marque, however, because company exec Piero Ferrari, son of founder Enzo Ferrari, was on hand to, as Ferrari Greater China put it, “sign on the first Ferrari sold in China.”

He said Ferrari and China “share core values, such as respect for tradition and a tenacious spirit of innovation.”

Via: USAtoday.

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