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Bentley launches Weibo-app for the EXP 9 F SUV in China

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Weibo is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, zillions of young Chinese use it every day to comment on the news, on new products and on almost everything else. Cars are a hot topic so most automakers got their own ‘Weibo’. Bentley got one too and here things get extra interesting because the brand has launched a new Weibo-app for the EXP 9 F concept called ‘EXP Lab’.

China is now Bentley’s biggest market world wide and the EXP 9 F is specifically designed with the Chinese market in mind. Wealthy Chinese car buyers love fast and expensive SUV’s and are willing to pay a lot for one. Bentley so designed an SUV but when the EXP 9 F concept debuted in Geneva in XX it was disliked by everybody. To check what China thinks about it the app asks users a few questions.

Question: What is your feeling about the appearance of the Bentley SUV?

Answers: not good, all right, fine, good, very good.

Same question for the interior. It goes on like this for 10 questions more. Some questions are intriguing, like:  “Do you think it is reasonable for Bentley to sell an SUV?” And: “Tell us where you want to use a Bentley SUV?” (answers: B-road, highway, city, etc).

How many seats do you want in a Bentley SUV? Now, the utmost important question:

W12, V8 patrol, V8 diesel, V8 hybrid or V6 hybrid.

A tow hook! Question: Under what circumstances you will use this car? Answers: Daily use, Commuting, Vacation, Tow-Trailer, Special occasions.

After 13 questions the party is over very suddenly, without a thank you for your time. Bentley doesn’t show any results, which is very childish. Instead visitor can now go to a page to download wallpapers. Nevertheless, we learned a lot: the design is not finalized yet, the seating-arrangement is not finalized yet, the engine is not finalized yet, and Bentley might offer a hook! Check that out…

The app here. Bentley’s Weibo-page here.

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