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Shanxi Victory from China clones Cadillac for minivan

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Late last month we posted a post on a Cadillac Escalade clone that was under development by Shanxi Victory. Bad it might be, but the company has actually been in the Cadillac business for some years already with this brilliant Victory V1 minivan. It is made by Guizhou Hangtian Chenggong Automobile, a subsidiary of Shanxi Victory.

Shanxi Victory from China clones Cadillac for minivan

The nose of the V1 is very Cadillac, and the rest of the vehicle is very Chinese-minivan. Is Cadillac missing a market here yet again? Cheap pickup trucks, minivans, and what else more Chinese auto makers might come up with in the future…

Shanxi Victory from China clones Cadillac for minivan

Wood is luxurious, like a Cadillac is. Guizhou Hangtian Chenggong Automobile is based in the great city of Zunyi in Guizhou Province. It became part of Shanxi Victory in 2006. Their name is best translated as the ‘Guizhou Aerospace Automotive Manufacturing Corporation’, its roots are in the airplane business but nowadays they only do cars and small car-engines.

Shanxi Victory from China clones Cadillac for minivan

They still got their own website, www.htauto.cn, but that doesn’t really work. After some banging on my computer screen I found the page for the GHT6400, but that is a bit messy. Fortunately parent Shanxi Victory has more info, and there I found all the specs:

Size: 4010/1620/1915, wheelbase is 2700. Power comes from a 1.2 liter ‘HH465QE6’ four-cylinder patrol engine that poops out 60hp. According to Hangtian the engine’s design is based on an old Suzuki unit. Maybe they paid for that, or maybe not… Curb weight is 1160kg, fuel consumption is 6 liter per 100 kilometer. Come for that with a Cadillac! Price at the dealer starts at 43.000 yuan, or 6700 USD. Well, again, come for that…

Shanxi Victory from China clones Cadillac for minivan

A looker in red. Shanxi Victory logo proud in place. Mirrors are a bit Caddy-like too.

With thanks to Pal Negyesi for the tip.

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  1. Hi, I’m from India. Just to add a little bit, this vehicle is now designated as SCH6400 officially. Victory has now probably decided to call it V6401 (previously V108 or YCV108 as on their site).

    For official (govt) page,see

    Off topic: I used to exchange auto info tidbits with Mr Negyesi up to about 6 years ago. Became a little nostalgic on seeing his name here, as the source.

  2. Mr. Negyesi’s autoindex.com is sorely missed. It was at the leading edge of the auto world all of the time. Thanks for the memories Pal….


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