Chengdu Auto Show Preview: facelifted JAC Yueyue

Published on August 30, 2012 by W.E. Ning

facelifted JAC Yueyue

We continue our secret preview from the Chengdu Auto Show. Here we got the facelifted JAC Yueyue, it will debut tomorrow but we couldn’t wait. This fine yellow example is prettied up with a Snoopy-theme which is very nice for the ladies who buy 90% of all Yueyue’s produced.

facelifted JAC Yueyue

Price will range from 40.000 yuan to 70.000 yuan. Engines: 1.0 with 68hp and a 1.3 with 99hp. JAC is also working on a cross-version of the Yueyue which might debut in Chengdu as well, but we are not sure about that one yet. Whatever that, the base Yueyue is a neat little car for neat little ladies.

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