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Jianghuai Auto (JAC)

Nio’s manufacturer JAC to start sales of Yiwei 3 budget EV in June

It will compete agains BYD Dolphin and ORA Funky Cat. Also it features Nio buttons on steering wheel.

JAC launched new EV with 9-in-1 powertrain under Yiwei new brand

The Yiwei brand will target the 10,100 – 21,800 USD electric vehicle market segment, aiming towards consumer groups between 20 – 35 years old.

Big Read | From Lada to China – History of Chinese cars in Russia

Read the story of how Chinese car manufacturers tried to enter the Russian market from the early 2000s to the present day. Find out which companies made an impact and which failed to make a mark in the Russian automotive market.

JAC EV3 is an electric hatchback to compete with Wuling Bingo in China

The top speed is 150km/h and will offer three cruising range options: 400km, 500km, and 600km.

China Exported More Than 3 Million Vehicles In 2022, 54.4% YoY Increase

China is now the world's second-largest car exporter.

Sehol Aipao Launched on The Chinese Car Market, Price Starts At 19,000 USD

This is the Sehol Aipao, a compact electric sedan under the Sehol brand of JAC Group. The Sehol Aipao was launched on the Chinese...

JAC Exports 225 Units Of The E-JS4 EV SUV To Mexico

JAC has revealed through its official page that it is set to deliver 225 models of its EV - the e-JS4 - to Mexico....

BREAKING: NIO ET5 Approved For Production By The Chinese Regulator

The NIO ET5 was approved for production by Chinese MIIT. According to the announcement, the NIO-JAC love story will continue as JAC assembles the...

The Big Read – JAC (3/3) – The new era

So far, JAC Motor's path of development has been mostly independent. For a state-owned car factory in China that's quite rare, the industry is...

The Big Read – JAC (2/3) – The passenger cars

We left Jianghuai last week at the point that it was a small truck maker and had moved successfully into the bus market. Forty...