BMW 1M is black & white in China

BMW 1M is black & white in China

A very race BMW 1M coupe, seen in the great city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province. The 1M is made pretty by a black & white color scheme, red alloys with silver rims, a carbon fiber-style bonnet and green head light covers, which we especially like. Some people think a standard BMW 1M is too boring… This Cengdu example loox much better indeed thanks to a little bit creativity! The 1M is powered by the fantastic 340hp twin-turbo six-in-line, it is imported into China and sold for 598.000 yuan.

4 thoughts on “BMW 1M is black & white in China”

  1. It’s not even a 1M. WTF are you smoking? Must be some good shit. Oh wait, you’re not smoking anything, you just got really really bad taste.

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