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Suzuki Jimny is matte green in China

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Suzuki Jimny is matte green in China

Here we have a very coolio Suzuki Jimny from China. The capable mini SUV is painted in matte green and stands very high on its wheels. The Jimny is further made more pretty by a gold colored grille, golden alloys, some blue on the sides of the tires, a fake air vent on the bonnet and blacked-out windows. We Suzuki.

Suzuki Jimny is matte green in China

The Suzuki Jimny is imported into China, price starts at 141.800 yuan and ends at 157.800 yuan. The fuzzy little car happens to be popular in China among 25-35 years old unmarried girls. I know two that kinda girls who got one. Another Chinese automaker called Jonway thinks it can sell more Jimny if it was cheaper and a bit bigger, so the hit the copy button.

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