Poetry on the Back of a BMW in Beijing

Published on December 30, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Poetry on the Back of a BMW in Beijing

Another example of China’s strange obsession with the Japanese tuning company Junction Produce. Dozens of small Chinese factories make all kinda of very unlicensed Junction Produce crap that is sold for cheap on filthy car parts markets. Here we have such a thing! A sticker with a text so incomprehensible it must be poetry:

“We coordinate brand for “JUNCTION PRODUCE” of VIPCAR. are proud of be fed back aggressively to make full use of sensibility the tradition for much as austerity.eeriness.rambunctiousness and austere e egance in which only prestige car has. By so doing. we, junction Produce Would like to aim the way to the pinnacle of VIP dress up and we want to be only the first and last memory keeper of by succeeding this point from everl sting o everl st ng.”

Beautiful! We applaud. Seen on a BMW 3-series that is often parked in my own street in Beijing. I didn’t meet the owner yet. When I do, I will thank him for bringing this poem to the people.

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