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Spotted in China: E46 BMW M3 Convertible

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Spotted in China: E46 BMW M3 Convertible

A super sonic silver E46 BMW M3 Convertible, seen in the great city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. The E46 was made from 1998 until 2009, this is a pre-facelift model which was made from 1998 until 2001. The bade E46 sedan was made in China by the Brilliance-BMW joint venture. The M3 models however, were not.

Spotted in China: E46 BMW M3 Convertible

Fantastic black alloys match with black roof. Tires are 20 inch at least and the grille is painted in black. Otherwise, this great car seems pretty much as it was born. The E46 M3 was powered by a 3.2 liter six-in-line which pooped out 338hp and 365nm. The M3 Convertible was one of the fastest open cars on the market, delimited top speed was 270km/h and 0-100 was gone in 5.5 seconds.

Spotted in China: E46 BMW M3 Convertible

On the move! Black 5-spoke alloys gigantic. Windows tinted for extra darkness. A beautiful Bimmer, very much approved…

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  1. This one is pre 2003 model. 2003 March Build after, has LED tail light, longer trip for rear license plate. Probably a SMG model (6-seed manual powered by hydraulic shifting actuators), since SMG comes with rear parking sensors by default.

    This has to be a North American model. Note the ugly orange side reflector on the front bumper. Euro model does not have the reflectors. and, small front plate holder.

    Since it is a pre-2003, also have crank bearing problems that was recalled in 2004, in US at least.


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