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Spotted in China: abandoned E32 BMW 750 iL

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Spotted in China: abandoned E32 BMW 750 iL

Here we have a sadly abandoned E32 BMW 750 iL, seen in an extremely faraway suburb of east Beijing. The vehicle was in a very bad shape, and it hurt my heart to see such a perfect car being treated this way. The E32 7-Series was made from 1986 until 1994, it was never officially exported to China and this sorry example is the first E32 I see on Chinese soil.

Spotted in China: abandoned E32 BMW 750 iL

Rear suspension gone. Tires flat. Paint was fading fast, and chrome not too shiny anymore. Rust however was nowhere to bee seen thanks to Beijing’s desert-dry climate, so I guess a really dedicated E32-expert with a lot of time and money could probably still save this beautiful Bimmer.

The 750 iL was the absolute top-of-the-line E32, stretched by 11.4 centimeters for more space in the back. Power came from a 5.0 liter ‘M70’ V12 that produced a neat 300hp and 450nm. The M70 was BMW’s first production V12, made from 1988 until 1996.

Spotted in China: abandoned E32 BMW 750 iL

The interior looked horrible. Leather rotting away while I looked at it, center-arm rest gone, and the wood was breaking. The plastics however still seemed in a rather good shape, and the plastics are the base for the whole thing. New leather isn’t expensive in China but the wood will be harder to replace. Again; an expert probably can.

Spotted in China: abandoned E32 BMW 750 iL

Classic lines still strong after so many years passed by! Note integrated spoiler on the boot-lid. The  E32 was designed by Ercole Spada of Italy, born in 1937 and still very much alive. He also designed the even so beautiful 1988 BMW E34 5-Series.

Spotted in China: abandoned E32 BMW 750 iL

The best BMW money could buy…

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  1. Although a great car when new, these don’t age well, like most modern cars, due to the electrics and because the interiors deteriorate badly.

  2. Any car cared for by someone with motivation, knowhow, and a wallet fat enough, will care for an old car like this. Its the people who buy a $200k car for $2k and just dont fix anything that lead to sad things like this.


    Couldnt find the spart parts! What? No Chinese company is making knockoff/counterfeit/copied E32 parts? The Party must address this at once!!!


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