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Spy Shots: Yangtze River Jialing Motor Manufacturing SUV

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Chinese media say a new brand has been born: Yangtze River Jialing Motor Manufacturing. There is not much known about the new brand yet, except that they are working on two similar-sized SUV’s. The brand is likely a subsidiary of the ‘China Jialing Group‘, aka ‘China Jialing Industrial Corporation’, one of the biggest motorcycle manufactures in China with close ties to Honda.

How the red and silver vehicle compare is not entirely sure. The red car seems to be a ‘cross-version’ of the silver car, it’s all a bit more cool and such, but it is also possible we are looking at two different concept cars. The good vehicle seems about the size of the Brilliance Jinbei S30, which sells for 60.000 to 68.000 yuan.


We always say: the more cars the better, the more we can write, and the more you can read. But!, will this new vehicle survive? The Chinese central government wants less brands, not more, and setting up a new car brand is very expensive. But!, the market for this kinda cheapo small-SUV’s is growing like stink, so there seems the be enough space for more competitors.We say: Yangtze River Jialing Motor Manufacturing, just go for it!




Pics via: Sohu.

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  1. Looks like diesel engine giant Weichai Power has found a way to go the passenger car route.

    As you say: C’mon jump in, the water is fine!

    Also looks like the municipality of Chongqing is becoming an auto-making mecca in its own rite, what with Chang’an, BAIC Yinxiang, Ford, Brilliance Shineray, Suzuki, Dongfeng Sokon, Lifan, Qingling, and Volkswagen all turning out passenger cars like crazy.

  2. Hey, this car looks familiar, anyone remember the Greenfield SUV from a while ago? Looks they found a buyer for their product.


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