Ferrari F12berlinetta is Red in China

Ferrari F12berlinetta is Red in China

A fierily red Ferrari F12berlinetta, seen in the great city of Zhongshan in Guanngdong Province. The vehicle looks brand new, fresh from the factory shining like a radish. The Ferrari F12berlinetta was launched on the Chinese market in June 2012 and costs 5.308 million yuan or 835.000 USD.


No cheapo, but it got an Engine: the  6.3 liter V12 poops out 730hp and 690nm, good for a 340km/h top speed.  Time now, for our Famous China-Ferrari F12berlinetta Collection™: white in Shenzhen,  with friends, black in Shanghai, white car at a dealer in Shenzhen (as), on the move in Wenzhou, a blue example in Xiamen, a dusty car in Wuhan, a red car in Guangzhou that later crashed, a black car in Chengdu, and a truck full of the things on a highway near Shanghai.

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