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Ferrari F12berlinetta is White in Shenzhen, China

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A wondrous white Ferrari F12berlinetta, seen in front of a Ferrari dealer in the great city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province by reader Ming, thank you for the pictures! This very dealer is the very same dealer where I met a lost Aston Martin Rapide, back in April.


By that time the white F12 was parked inside the shop and I wasn’t allowed to shoot at it. Ming was more lucky!

The Ferrari F12berlinetta was launched on the Chinese market in June 2012 and costs 5.308 million yuan or 835.000 USD. Lotta yuan but lotta power! The  6.3 liter V12 poops out 730hp and 690nm, good for a 340km/h top speed. Our collection has been growing rapidly lately: with friends, black in Shanghai, white car at a dealer in Shenzhen (is), on the move in Wenzhou, a blue example in Xiamen, a dusty car in Wuhan, a red car in Guangzhou that later crashed, a black car in Chengdu, and a truck full on a highway near Shanghai.


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