BYD Qin hybrid will hit the China car market on November 12

BYD Qin hybrid will hit the China car market on November 12

The revolutionary BYD Qin hybrid, seen here in beautiful matte black, will be launched on the China car market on November 12. Price will start around 200.000 yuan, without subsidies. The total amount of green-car subsidies from central and local government for the BYD Qin will be as much as 35.000 yuan, so this super hybrid can be had for 165.000 yuan or 27.000 USD.


How super? This super: the Qin is powered by a hybrid drivetrain consisting of a 1.5 liter turbo four cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor. Combined output id  303hp and 440nm, making the Qin the most powerful mass-market hybrid passenger car on earth. The 1.5 turbo poops out 154hp and 240nm, the electric motor 149hp and 200nm. Gearbox is a new BYD-developed 6-speed DCT.

The Qin is a dual-mode hybrid, one mode being ‘hybrid’, the other ‘pure electric’. Specs, as claimed by BYD: in hybrid mode top speed is 185km/h and 0-100 in 5.9 seconds. In pure electric mode BYD top speed is 150km/h and max range of 50km. Combined fuel consumption is 2 liters per 100km.


Meet the new cheapest 300+ horsepower sedan on earth. Matte black looks cool on Qin, better even than Bling. Let’s hope BYD will make some coolio colors available off-factory, instead of brown and such.

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A PHEV,no?

Head Honcho

It is on the road with license plates all over here in LongGang. See it almost everyday. No evidence of it having any power they way you see it being driven on the road. The back lights are hideous lit up at night.

St. Clair

back light cool, sorta. 303 horses very cool. name sucks.


Watch as the BYD Qin beats 8 other fast cars in a race.

Tycho de Feijter

thanks! will do post.