Spy Shots: Great Wall C20R EV testing in China

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Spy shots showing the upcoming Great Wall C20R EV testing in China. The Great Wall C20R EV is an electric vehicle based on the Great Wall C20R hatchback. The C20R EV will debut on the April 2014 Beijing Auto Show and it will be launched on the China car market in the second half of 2014.

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This is the base Great Wall C20R. Price starts at 62.900 yuan and ends at 65.900 yuan. Lone engine is a gasoline-drinking 1.5 liter four-cylinder with 106hp, mated to a 5-speed manual.


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The C20R EV will be powered by an electric motor rated at 42hp, with a peak-power of 80hp. Juice comes from a 326V/61.2Ah lithium iron phosphate battery. Top speed is 135km/h. No numbers on range available yet. Weight is 1320kg, making the EV exactly 200kg heavier than the petrol-powered C20R.

Price for the C20R EV will start around 200.000 yuan without subsidies, and around 150.000 yuan with all-possible subsidies. Even then, the EV variant will costs more than twice as much as petrol C20R, and that seems to make sure the C20R EV won’t find many buyers, but the Chinese government will doubtless be happy to see another EV ‘on the road’.

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  1. No one will ever buy it if they don’t know the range…..
    Give us range, and give us infrastructure, and then we will buy your EVs.

  2. this car is not bad. Firstly is a good looking city car. Second the motor has reasonable technical data. The only problem is the battery , the LFP battery technology is obsolete and only have 100 wh/kg energy density. The range will be not much over 100 km with one charge. Great Wall is still in time to change the battery pack with more powerful lithium polymer cells that boast an energy density over 250 wh/kg so that the range can be over 300 km with one charge, withut to change the volume and the weight of the battery box.
    Then we will have a very competitive Chinese made EV.
    For the infrastructure is already possible to have everywhere in China chargers at your building and office.

  3. No not the old trip-up cables. It’s “wireless” infrastructure that we need. Can you imagine if BYD tried to sell wired telephones, or Lenovo wired tablets, in today’s marketplace?

    But I see no headway being made for this wireless charging technology in China, so I guess the fossil fuel cars will be around awhile…as long as there are “survivors” to drive them, that is.

    As for Great Wall Marco, perhaps they are being supplied by partner Bosch with it’s new high capacity Li-ion traction battery.

  4. Why the hell you discourage EV innovators who are taking billions of dollar risk for just making the better, cleaner and liveable earth for Gen Y &Z’s.
    …Grow up you short shitghted buggers. Just giving few words of encouragement is not going to drain your pocket/fossil fuel.
    Keep it up BYD,EV manufacturers and China for their far sight.


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