Changan Cinturx arrives at the Dealer in China

Published on December 9, 2013 by Tycho de Feijter

Changan Cinturx arrives at the Dealer in China

The new Changan Cinturx sedan will be launched on the China car market in late December and the first cars have arrived at Changan dealers throughout China. The Cinturx is a new sedan for the Changan brand. It is based on the first generation Mazda 3 sedan that is still in production in China, called Mazda 3 Classic, and manufactured by the Changan-Mazda joint venture.


The Mazda 3 Classic. Price starts at 96.800 yuan and ends at 112.800 yuan. Lone engine is a 1.6 with 110hp.

The Changan Cinturx will use the same engine but will be considerably cheaper. Price will start around 80.000 yuan. The coming of the Cinturx is a clear sign production of the Mazda 3 Classic won’t last very long anymore.


One can wonder whether this Cinturx thing is a good idea for the Changan brand. Changan gets a new sedan to sell with very little investment, which can be called a smart move. But on the other hand the Cinturx is clearly a very old car and sales won’t be high. Furthermore, Changan has been showing some great original design lateley, so why waste all that with a Cinturx? Short time gains, long time…


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