Spy Shots: Senova D-Series goes electric in China

Spy Shots: Senova D-Series goes electric in China

Spy Shots showing the production version of the Beijing Auto Senova D-Series EV, it will debut on the Beijing Auto Show in April and it will be launched on the China car market in the second half of this year. The Senova EV will be available to all and won’t be another limited-production pilot project.

Beijing Auto plans to make 10.000 cars this year and 20.000 in 2015. Price will start around 300.000 yuan but green-car subsidies by central and local governments will bring that down to about 235.000 yuan.  Power comes from an electric motor with an output of 55hp and 127nm, good for a 130km/h top speed. Range is 150km. The electricity is stored in a lithium-ion battery.

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marco loglio
another no sense EV for the Chinese market. People need small EV, city cars that can help their everyday life in transportation cost, easy parking , and could help the polluted air of the cities to became better. Chinese people already show to be very keen to this kind of EV. Only in Shandong Province in the year 2013 has been sold more then 100.000 EV with max weight of 1000 kg and speed limited to 80 km/h. These cars show one time more that the problem is not the limited diffusion of the charging points . The problem is… Read more »

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