Spy Shots: Zotye EV mini car seen testing in China

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The first spy shots of the new Zotye EV mini car, designed for short distance drives in the city. The yet nameless electric car will debut on the Beijing Auto Show in April and will be launched on the China car market later this year. The new EV comes with only two doors and two seats, but there is a tiny bench in the back which can seat very small children or a dog.

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Size: 2765/1540/1555, wheelbase is 1765. Power comes from a tiny electric motor with an output of 12hp. Range is 250 kilometer. No numbers on speed but it won’t be very fast. Price will start around 100.000 yuan but subsidies by central and local governments can bring that down to about 40.000 yuan. Small electric city cars are becoming more popular in China as an answer to the endless traffic jams and rising petrol prices. Many more Chinese automakers are expected to launch similar vehicles in the near future.

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  1. No secret. Zotye JNJ7000EVZ, a.k.a Xindayang Zhidou (新大洋-知豆) ZD-1/ZD-2 and GreenGo iCaro. Heaps of pics and videos on the net.

  2. Zotye and Kandi signed a cooperative agreement in 2012. I wonder if this mini is related to that tie-up?
    Does it have a swap-able battery?

  3. For sure this car is the answer of Zotye to the diffusion of the Kandi/Geely car rental system in Hangzhou. The plan of the Hangzhou municipality is to have 20.000 minicar avalable to be rented in the city and Zotye, that is based in Hangzhou don’t want be completely cut off from this business. So the easiest way it’s to take an existing EV minicar already in the market and rebadge it. This new Zotye model has similar specification and price then the Kandi . Let’s see what will happen, it could not too late for Zotye to play the new game of the EV rental system in the chinese metroplis.

    • it is also possible that these cars will ‘play’ nice with the garages. also possible that production of this new zoyte car will lead to gains for kandi’s ev parts business. zoyte-geely-kandi are all based in the same city.


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