BMW driver in China is a fan of the Third Reich

BMW driver in China admires the Third Reich

A BMW 1-Series hatchback, Spotted in China in a faraway suburb of Beijing. The Bimmer comes with a curious sticker depicting a World War II German Nazi symbol, very violent and such… This kinda stickers and badges are fairly common in China, they go for a few dollar a piece and can be bought in every car shop, and Chinese drivers do know what the Swastika about. WO II is rather ‘hip’ in China, documentaries all over TV, with the German side weirdly the most popular.

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Why shouldn’t the Chinese favour the Germans? The British won the war but look at their country now – a hole. They would have been better to lose. Plus the Germans had by far the better symbols and uniforms.


Germans killed 11 million people during the Holocaust

search in google images – Holocaust


Wow! I bet BMW would LOOOOVe to use this picture in their next ad campaign! —sarcasm

This might have been slightly less offensive if, instead of the swastika, the owner had placed the decal so that the laurel encompassed the BMW roundel.