Fiat Ottimo Sport hits the Chinese auto market

Fiat Ottimo Sport hits the Chinese auto market

The Fiat Ottimo Sport has been launched on the Chinese auto market, price starts at 148.800 yuan and ends at 162.800 yuan. The Sporty is a sporty variant of the Fiat Ottimo hatchback that was launched in March.


The Sport comes with an extra aggressive front, fiery red paint, and speedy tires and alloys. The interior is dressed up with sporty leather seats and a lot of red stitching. Sadly, it is all optical. Power comes from the same 150hp 1.4 turbo that also powers the base Ottimo, and no changes were made to suspension or steering.  The Ottimo is manufactured in China by the Guangzhou-Fiat joint venture.


A red ass is a good ass.

3 thoughts on “Fiat Ottimo Sport hits the Chinese auto market”

  1. In Europe , Fiat have a bad reputation . Fiat have big problems in service , they do not care what happen with cars after sale. My Fiat – 3 steering boxes damaged in 75000 km !! and many other parts damaged. Fiat told me – ,,is not our problem,, !!!!!

    1. I have read you on other web sites posting the same buIIshit. You are probably payed for that.

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