Buick Envision SUV will hit the China car market in October

Buick Envision SUV will hit the China car market in October

The  brand new Buick Envision SUV will be launched on the China car market on October 20, price will start around 180.000 yuan and end around 300.000 yuan ($29.000 – 49.500), and that is some 15% more expensive than we heard earlier on. The Buick Envision debuted last month on the 2014 Chengdu Auto Show.


The Envision is manufactured in China by the Shanghai-GM joint venture, it based on GM’s Delta global-compact platform. The Buick Envision will be positioned above the China-made Buick Encore SUV and below the Buick Enclave SUV that is currently imported into China.


Clock in style. Large TFT touch screen with the InteklLink infotainment system.


At launch there will be only one engine available:a 2.0 turbo with 260hp and 363nm. It will soon be joined by a low-output variant of the 2.0 turbo with 200hp and 280nm. The 2.0 turbo is mated to a six-speed automatic. In 2015 a 170hp 1.5 turbo will joint the line-up, and GM is reportedly working on a hybrid variant based around this 1.5 turbo, but it is yet unknown when this variantswill hit the market.

Size: 4667/1839/1663mm, wheelbase is 2750.





The 2.0 turbo.

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Headlights is Kia-ish, the dash is copied from 2014 Prius C and Corolla.