Officially Official: the Brilliance Huasong 7 MPV for China

Officially Official: the Brilliance Huasong 7 MPV for China

Brilliance Automotive has released the first official images of the upcoming Huasong 7 MPV. ‘Huasong’ is a new sub-brand aimed at building hip MPV’s for young car buyers. The Huasong vehicles will all be based on existing minivan platforms from Jinbei, which is another sub-brand under the Brilliance Automotive umbrella.


The ‘N20B20C’ 2.0 liter four-cylinder petrol engine is sourced from BMW, partner in the Brilliance-BMW joint venture. The engine is mated to a six-speed automatic and will be available with either 204hp or 242hp. The engine cover proudly reads “Supported by BMW Group Technology”, and this must be the first BMW-powered MPV ever. But it is only for China. The Huasong 7 be launched on the Chinese car market later this month.

Size: 5005/1909/1935, wheelbase is 2990 and weight is 2030kg.

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2 thoughts on “Officially Official: the Brilliance Huasong 7 MPV for China”

  1. Brilliance went from controlling some 50% of the minivan market in 2003, to being overshadowed by SGMW, and so many others, in the crowded market of today. Perhaps this new line will help restore some of the lost share.

  2. More than curb weight, it would be nice to know the cargo capacity spec, for the MPVs and minivans.
    Oh, and when young people see how much more cargo capacity there is, compared to SUVs they will surely consider buying.

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